Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Local Goods: DryGoods Design: Fabric + Goods

If the title of this post doesn't explain it well enough let me make myself clear. This local fabric shop is goodDryGoods Design is located on Ballard Ave in the loft of a cozy little coffee bar {Anchored Ship}. They carry such adorable in-style fabrics, rifle paper co. products, great pattern books and even have a sewing studio in the back that you can rent a station at. Next time you're in the area, cozy up inside and take a look.

Monday, January 07, 2013

As of Recently.

I've started the New Year off quietly {as you may have noticed} yet very purposefully. The coming chapter is one full of mindful decisions and much work of the self. It will mark the completion of my 20's and begin a time that I'm very much embracing and looking forward to.  

Much like many fellow artists and creatives, anxiety and insecurity frequently run through my body. I've always known that much of it is self inflicted and determined on my own thoughts but I've still allowed it to be a large part of my personality. Although I know its a long road ahead, I'm determined to leave much of the uncertainties with this past decade and embrace these 30's with confidence, appreciation, and a clearer vision of ME. 

Wishing all of you Happy New Beginnings this new year..

//discovery park/ pike place market/ new SOT ring/ embracing the PNW/ baking pie/ a growing Kinfolk collection/ road trip to Mt. Baker/ sledding with my niece/ new SOT necklaces//