Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot Hot Heat and a Proposal

My last week was spent in the ever-so scorching Phoenix, Arizona surprise visiting one of my best friends, Ashley. And boy what a surprise, for all of us. Months back, Ashley's boyfriend (of whom I had yet to meet as we only get to see each other every 5 years or so) contacted me to ask if I was interested in being a surprise for her birthday. I instantly jumped on the offer and my ticket was booked within the day.

Fast forward to last weekend. I surprise her, we're happy as can be. The next day, her father from Montana arrives, to both our surprise. That evening all her closest friends and family gather for a "pool party." Come time for cake and singing, this guy, accompanied by his best friend from Hawaii, comes out dressed all snazzy and begins singing a song of proposal. We were all sobbing and nodding yes.

Best part. Turns out a few months ago, he secretly flies to Montana to ask her father IN PERSON if he can marry her. Um, girlfriend I think you've found yourself a winner.

What a trip.

I was also lucky enough to visit two of my beautiful sisters and "explore" in the 116 degree weather. Yikes!

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