Monday, March 25, 2013

Dabbling in Video!

A Leslie Stoner Story from Alicia Palaniuk on Vimeo.

Thanks to the lovely Moorea Seal I recently discovered Skillshare: an online global community centered around creativity, collaboration and learning by doing. Its such a cool resource. I was so excited I signed up for two classes right away. One of them is a three week lesson on how to create a Video Portrait. I've been really intrigued with video as of late so thought I'd just go for it and take the challenge. This is my first go. 

Leslie Stoner is my aunt by blood and muse by luck, I suppose. She's a very talented and established encaustic (pigmented bees wax) painter all while raising two incredible little human beings. I may be biased but she's created a hell of a life for herself and is totally kicking butt at it. It was an honor to create this little video of her.  

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