Saturday, March 02, 2013

On Turning 30.

Welp, it happened. The number that has been pulling at my emotions the last year has, in fact, arrived. I am Thirty ladies and gentleman. I'm not the only one it's ever happened to and not the only that will ever go through it but boy did it get me thinking. It's one of those milestones you have expectations for. One that implies a status level or security platform of some extent. One that, I thought, would find me in a very different place. But after much intentional reflection I'm proud to announce that though its not where I expected, I'm happy to be here. In an exciting community of creatives, emotionally more in tune with relatives, artistically alive and inspired, and closer every day to accepting and loving me for me

So here I am, cowboy hat perched, boots laced tight and ready for the next step, whatever it may be. With a little less pull on the reigns to where I think I should be, and openly in the moment for what is

A ginormous and heart felt thanks to my dear friends and family for helping me get to this place and for celebrating me like they have.

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  1. Happy Birthday, and best wishes!
    I think I know exactly what you mean about turning 30 and expecting to be in a certain place in your life, but realizing you're not. I was feeling pretty down when I turned 30, and said something to my mom about how I didn't like getting older. She helpfully pointed out that there's only one other option. I guess I kind of needed that perspective, dour as it seems. 31 didn't seem like such a big deal :-)