Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just when you thought you'd seen enough taxidermy..

Recently, a special friend of mine had a birthday and was proposed to within the same week. I decided it was good reason to make her something fun to help kick off their new life together. What better place then The Palm Room to search for goods. The lovely Margot gave me tips on how to taxidermy this moose antler plant, forgive my lack of technical terms here. It was a ton of fun to put together.

-any plant you wish to mount
-an old pieces of wood or bark
- potting soil
-twine, metal wire, or strong string
-a drill with a small bit for wood
-fishing wire
-and a staple gun

Start by drilling two holes in the wood where you'd like the top of the mount to be. Tie your twine through each hole to create a loop hanger. (My piece was square and I mounted it as a diamond)
Place the plant in the center of the piece of wood. Add more soil around the base of the roots.
Cover the soil with layers of moss. Make sure its well covered as the moss acts as netting for the soil.
Then tie a few knots in the end of your LONG piece of fishing wire. Staple the piece of wire up next to the base of the moss/soil, maybe even a little under the mound.
In a criss-cross pattern staple the fishing wire back and forth and around the mound of moss, at the base of the mound. Try to get them close so they are hidden. Continue until you're assured the plant will stay put when its hung on the wall. 

Follow the watering instructions of the plant you've mounted. This particular plant needs to be water once a week. Simply take it off the wall and run it through a gentle stream of water from the sink. Let it sit for a bit to soak up the water, then return to wall and enjoy.


  1. Wow that turned out so beautiful and it's such a great idea for a gift!

  2. Thats hilarious. I'm weirdly obsessed with this.