Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inspiration within what you already know

Painting by LeRoy Greene from 1941 of Emily MacDonald Cole, a fellow art student

My very special great great auntie Emily Cole passed on last week. She was a woman of horses, leather work, photography, and love for her family.  Over Christmas I was given a few of her belongings that my relatives thought I would appreciate. Its been an honor to realize just how many things we share in common. I cant help but wonder if I developed a love for some of them because of her. I sure hope so.

JNG and I were lucky enough to attend the services back in Montana this past weekend. It was an especially wonderful time sharing pieces of my old stomping grounds with him and visiting with loads of family and friends.

{Though we didnt get to attend the show, the fabulous Pickwick, of Seattle, just so happened to be in Missoula the same day we were. We love them and stopped to document the fact. If you haven't discovered them yourself, you should. This video happens to be from the very moment they first rocked my world.}

video by the amazing Sound on the Sound-

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